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We are here to accompany you

We are here for all age groups – from the youngest little rascals to actively focused seniors who would like to set out with us to follow the traces of long-ago history or the present course of times in one of the most beautiful and popular European metropolises, those who look for something more than classical "umbrella guided" tours with dryly memorized historical facts following regular tourist circuits. Professional, flexible and friendly tour guides, absorbing commentaries, non-traditional walks, individual approach, interesting complementary activities and tools, emphasis on quality, not quantity – that is a basic summary of the underlying reasons why choose us to go out and enjoy and explore Prague.

1. Families with children

"We will take care of a pleasant family tour for you with enough entertainment for your offsprings as well as for you, the parents…" 

We recommend our walk programme to children from 5 years of age, while the specific content and difficulty rate (or rather comfort) is fully modified to their abilities and age.

With each walk, we prepare originally designed and graphically attractive supporting materials for kids in order to help them easily remember presented information. We try to keep their attention fixed to the topic by preparing contests and prices for winners, knowledge quizzes, creative art workshops and other entertaining activities.

2. Groups of elementary school pupils, secondary school students, university students

"Give your pupils and students the opportunity to discover knowledge about Prague in a different way, not only by learning at the school-desk..."

As we happen to know from our own experience, a child's mind requires much more than just a supply of dry, matter-of-fact representations of historical data. We believe that our scheme which combines communication of facts with visual interactions can help children absorb and remember essential information in an easier, playful way. It is certainly not our goal to substitute lessons in history, for many perhaps quite boring... Our ambition is to get the kids involved in the course of events as much as possible and to put them into the role of an active onlooker. They will obtain functional aids and gadgets that we prepare for them to work with during the sessions and help them build their own knowledge base. Alternatively, kids can compete for prices rewarding those who remember the most of what was communicated to them, thus enhancing their education without them even noticing it! At the end of the walk, we always hand over a knowledge quiz to the pedagogical governance so that you can verify the acquired knowledge once back in school benches – how attentive the kids were and how much new experience have they carried off (or how much have they forgotten).

Once you set off for a walk with us, you can reach out for interesting group discounts and provide your students with authentic opportunities to expand their education beyond the standard school curriculum. Reasonable price rates, physical activity, personal participation and entertainment for students certainly enhances the true experience which cannot be formed up only in the classroom.

3. Adults

"Come with us and visit the most attractive locations and hidden spots with their own magic – those places that you have never had a notion about…"

Whether you are planning to visit Prague for the first time or you are returning for another visit, in every case we can make your stay unforgettable. Our widely structured tour portfolio includes all of the main tourist circuits; in addition to that, we want to show you much more than what is on the offer of traditional travel agencies, and therefore we have framed up some unique and tailor-made programmes for you. With us, you can visit places which you have never even known about and which, we strongly believe, deserve attention.

4. Seniors

"Make the best use and take the highest value of everything what seniorship might offer to you…"

Provided that you align yourselves with active, sharp-minded seniors who love travelling and who continuously look for new topics and further educatiion, we will be very happy to accompany you on our walks to Prague streets and lanes. We will modify the length and exigence of our standard routes according to your specific requirements. Our offer includes special programmes tailored to your wishes and abilities.

5. Special interest groups

"Join us to discover your favourite topics more deeply…"

If you want to know Prague on a deeper level, or if you prefer to expand your overview of marginal topics related to the city's culture and history, then you are on the right ship with us to set out and explore whatever you may desire... We specialize in fine art – from the very beginning to its contemporary forms. In the center of our interest are distinctive phenomena related to the whole art domain, for example women's art, street art, contemporary fashion and design, the same as Prague's specifics revealed during our walks covering technical monuments or cubist architecture, and much more. Our standard offer includes specialized tours focused at significant historical events and important periods in the Czech (or earlier Bohemian) history, i.e. the Velvet Revolution, formation of the Czechoslovak First Republic, the outbreak of Hussite wars and other...

6. Corporate teams, employees and business partners

“Give your employees or business partners a nice treat – let them enjoy a pleasant time off at a cultural event...”

You will certainly agree with us that a satisfied employee leads to a satisfied customer. We have extended our portfolio by adding special teambuilding walks; we can help you arrange a nontraditional time-off trip for your employees or business partners and let them enjoy good entertainment and gain new knowledge.

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