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About us

Stověžaté Příběhy (The Hundred Spires Stories) was founded in 2009 as a small family company. Powered by many years of experiences in educating children, tour-guiding and the desire to offer more than just ordinary Prague sightseeing, we have created our wide range of unusual Prague walks focused on families with small kids and students of elementary and secondary schools. For families, we want to offer an opportunity to enjoy a nice family trip in the city, for schools then, an interesting alternative to classic school teaching, to give the students the possibility to leave their school desks and learn the history of Prague in an entertaining and playful way. Working with children in field and receiving immediate response in combination with our unconventional approach has proven to be a good incentive to the extent that we gradually modify and expand our offer so that we could enjoy great moments together with all of our visitors – adults, seniors and special interest groups, keeping in mind that we promote our own playful and friendly way of sharing our Hundred Spires Stories.

We keep expanding the portfolio of our walk circuits which at the present time counts over 40 circuits divided into 3 main groups (basic, topical, action/special walks and events). The scope of our structured offer helps you decide to join us for a matching walk and visit the most attractive and most frequented city locations, at the same time offering an insight of the most mystical hidden places which you would perhaps never even think of visiting. You can discover Prague with us through different art periods and their historical evolvement towards contemporary art, or you can learn more about places connected with interesting topics and historical circumstances including important events, local phenomena and famous personalities of the Czech history. We are glad to recommend our flexible tour guide team with professionals who specialize in peripheral topics covering social and cultural trends; thanks to their erudition we are able to offer an added value providing you with something more than what you may receive from traditionally oriented incoming agencies.

Our most favourite field of specialization is fine arts. We will be glad to organize, for example, a tour to an art exhibition displaying classic art masterpieces or contemporary art with a connoisseur's commentary at any of the galleries in Prague with an interesting itinerary for you during your stay. 

If you decide to set out for a family tour with young children, we are ready to prepare a programme tailored to your requirements in order to ensure that your kids have a good time, and you, the parents enjoy the day, too.

Younger visitors to Prague who would like to see some night clubs across the city might appreciate our invitation to special "Club Tours" walks. During the night, we will accompany you to the well known dazzling clubs as well as to small underground bars – depending on the music styles that you prefer.

In planning our activities we also give regard to the senior generation. Actively focused seniors can choose from a number of interesting themed tours on our offer; we are ready to modify the content, length and intensity of the programme in order to ensure the maximum efficiency of the guide's commentary and to meet the requirements of the respective client.

The most demanding clients will certainly appreciate our special "all-inclusive service" covering complex care for your programme during the whole day or during your entire stay in Prague. Our guide will be permanently at your service to take care of your comfort during the whole day.

Your absolute satisfaction with our assistance is our high commitment. Our goal and major interest is to provide you with top quality services. We are proud to be the holder of the quality mark certificate awarded by the Czech service quality system (CSQS) in 2015 (, a prestigiuous and internationally recognized service quality certificate (view certificate here). The CSQS is administered by the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, and continuously developed through cooperation with selected tourist industry associations. The system was established according to the German service quality system licence, Service Qualität Deutschland (SQD) which has been used to improve and develop the quality of services in Germany for more than 10 years. Similar systems have been existing successfully for many years in Spain, Switzerland, France, Great Britain and other European countries. The service quality system introduced across Europe systematically assists in improving the quality of services and the recognition of the quality of provided services on the part of clients. We are glad to support this trend towards continuous improvement also in our country. The acquired service quality certificate is our commitment  to you, our clients, and represents the assurance of proven service quality provided to you, and for us personally – it is an evaluation of our honest work and a proof that we are going the right way.

Nothing is impossible with us and if you happen to miss something on our offer, please don't hesitate and contact us. We are looking forward to new challenges, and above all, we are looking forward to meeting you and sharing new experience...

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