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Our virtues

Eight main reasons why join us and set out for entertainment and new knowledge across Prague:

1. Gripping narration

The underlying value of the Hundred Spires Stories which carries a remarkable narrative feature compared to other scenarios, is the narrative form used by our guides. The central point of our effort is to make each walk attractive, entertaining and playful for you so that you can receive historical facts through old-time legends and gripping narrations.

2. Untraditional trips

Aside from standardly visited tourist attractions, we are here to accompany you to some of the less known and unconventional places which you would never decide to visit otherwise. Our itinerary also focuses on numerous Prague characteristics, interesting historical events and famous personalities that we shall talk about during our Prague walking tours. 

3. Friendly guides

The guides on our team are not only professionals who are masters in the required fields of knowledge, but they are also interesting personalities and even actors to a certain extent, and they will certainly win your favour from the very first moment. Our guides know how to find the right way to you - the right balance in accompanying you with the highest attention so that you can share the tour with them comfortably. We believe that when you return on a trip to Prague, you might be glad to meet your guides again!

4. Individual approach and small groups

We want to be as close to you as possible with our assistance, yet it might not be feasible given the size of some groups whom we accompany. Despite that, we always try to establish an individual approach to each guest-participant who comes along with us for a walking tour. Generally said, we prefer to accompany smaller groups of visitors because we can give our maximum attention to each participant, and therefore the maximum count of a group per one walking tour is 30 people. Our guides do not use any supporting audio commentary systems for the narration unless the client expressly requires such an option.

5. Individually tailored walks

Provided that you prefer to choose the content of your walk according to your ideas, or perhaps you might not even find a matching option on our standard offer, then you have the unique opportunity to "plan and stage" your own "Personal Experience-based Story." Contact us in advance to your planned trip and we will do our best to prepare a programme tailored to your expectations.

6. Interesting complementary activities and materials

In order to make our narrations more capturing to make you familiar with the presented topic in a more comfortable and entertaining way, an integral part of our walks are creative art workshops with lecturers and artists, theme-focused presentations, poetry recitation, reading of legends or old-time tales, musical performances and other associated activities related to the subject of our walks. Many of our tours also include originally created and topically creative graphical tools to work with during the entire programme.

7. Affordable prices, special offers, discounts for school groupes and seniors

Our walks are highly acceptable for everyone in terms of price rates. We deeply honor each client who addresses us, and clients who return repeatedly to attend new tours with us are rewarded with loyalty bonuses at 10 % discounts calculated from the second walk ordered with us. Special price rates are set up for school groupes and seniors.

8. Sweet reward at the end

A little sweet reward at the end of a walk is certainly a pleasant conclusion of the "action accomplished." It is a symbolic windup of a tour that we undertook together and it is an expression of our thanks to you for having spent time with us. 

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