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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. What is the minimum number of participants for one walk?
    The minimum number of participants is not limited for orders with an arbitrarily set up date. In the price list we indicate prices for groups from 3 persons as the minimum. Prices for individual walks with 1–2 persons are provided per request. 
    Special events planned for a fixed date (favourable prices for groups) have the minimum number of 10 participants. If this condition is not met, we reserve the right to cancel the event no later than 1 day before the planned day.
  2. What is the maximum number of participants for one walk?
    The maximum number is 30 persons. In case of a higher number, the group will be divided. Each group will have its own guide in order to reach the higher efficiency of the interpretation.
  3. Is it possible to book a walk even if I don´t fit into the category of people you recommend it for?
    Yes, our recommendation is just for your better orientation and if primarily agreed, every walk can be tailor-made for any target group.
  4. Is it possible to adjust and change the offered tours?
    Yes, anytime after mutual agreement beforehand.
  5. Is it possible to shorten or lengthen the walk?
    Yes, after the mutual agreement boforehand and the price will be adjusted accordingly as well.
  6. How long in advance is it necessary to book the walk?
    Commonly, 5 working days. Individually, it is possible to agree on a shorter term.
  7. Is it possible to reserve more walks for one day?
    Yes, it is. It´s just necessary to place an order for each one of them.
  8. Where can I apply for being informed about news and special events?
    Just fill in your email address placed in “Contact“ or send us an email at

  9. Do you use audio guides, personal voice amplifiers for guides, or headphones for participants on a tour?
    Standardly we do not use any of those devices unless expressly requested by the client. We accentuate a personal aprroach and authenticity of the narration.


  1. What way can I order a walk?
    Use our Order Form which you can find after clicking on "BUY" in the detail of each walk or on the website main menu in "PRICE LIST / ORDER"
  2. Where can I find a walk Order Form?
    You can find it after clicking on "BUY" in the detail of each walk or on the website main menu in "PRICE LIST / ORDER"
  3. What are the ways of payment?
    You can pay cash at the beginning of the tour or by bank transfer 3 working days before the event is started at the latest. In case of bank transfer, send the amount into bank account no. 670100-2209555049/6210 state your name, the name of the walk/event and use your order number as the variable symbol.
  4. Does the price include entrance fees into premises and public transport fares?
    No, it doesn´t. The price covers the guide´s interpretation, appropriate materials and a workshop if it is a part of the walk. 

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